Live in a real world, not an electronic one!

Someone once said that we live in a time of “information overload”. It’s repeated so often these days that it’s practically become a cliche. I seem to recall having heard it first in the late 1990’s. Can you imagine what the author of the phrase would make of today with 24-hour rolling news and the likes of Facebook and Twitter? What do you get when you transcend “information overload”? Well, it reminds me of another quote along the lines of not knowing how to define it, but knowing when I see it. And more and more, I see us walking like zombies toward it. I myself am no exception.


Let me share a personal example of how I caught this onslaught of information affecting my own life. Like so many of you, I’ve been stunned and disturbed by recent international events. First, there was the uprising in Egypt. Then, we had the radioactive leak implications of the massive quake in Japan. After that, we watched as the West imposed yet another no-fly zone on a sovereign nation. And most recently, after nearly a decade of being on the run, the most wanted man in the world was caught, killed and buried within a matter of hours. Now, whether you believe that the actions our governments are taking on our behalf are the right ones or the wrong ones doesn’t really matter for my purposes. What matters is that it’s so easy to get caught up in these events happening across the world that we begin to lose sight of what’s happening in our own backyards.

As you know, I spend a lot of time on my farm in Spain. When I’m there, I work with my clients doing readings or coaching clients via email or telephone. To be sure, technology plays a large role in my professional life. And all in all, despite the odd glitch or hiccup here or there, it’s a positive role. But hey, when you’re already at the computer, it’s so easy to think that you could/should take two seconds to check in and find out what the latest is. Alas, two seconds turns into five minutes, five minutes into half an hour and so on and so on. Here’s an exercise for you: tally up how much time you have spent over the last day, week, month reading or watching the news. Now ask yourself whether you’re better off for having done so? Can you hand-on-heart say that you were spending your time wisely? Or were you escaping and procrastinating with the excuse that you’ve got to keep up-to-date?

As a medical intuitive, I am constantly looking at my world through the lens of energy. I make it a daily practice to look at what I do and evaluate it as to whether the activity in question has left me empowered or drained? Was I better off for having done it? Or did I take the easy way out and do something that cost me energy in the process? I make a promise to be honest with myself when it comes to answering these questions. I may not like the answers, but I won’t pull the wool over my own eyes. And after just such a recent self-evaluation session, I realized that I had to switch off and get up and out. The computer went off. The television fell silent. The back door opened and out I went. I spent the next couple of hours just sitting on my back deck.

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