Small Space Storage Organizer Idea

Small space storage is one of the most difficult places to organize because installing shelving is often too expensive, and stacking containers is not practical.

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Spaces just behind a door that is framed close to a wall, or spaces inside of a closet on either side of its door, are often overlooked for what can be ideal spaces for organized storage.

A very practical way to locate items and tools that you use often is to store them displayed against a wall. Using pegboard and pegboard hooks is a popular way to arrange and hang small items. The great variety of hooks and pegboard accessories available can be re-purposed to organize small part, tools, and accessories.

Traditional pegboard is a very hard material perforated with a grid of holes. The holes accept hooks or pegs that allow items to be supported and displayed for easy access.

The great benefit of pegboard systems is that pegboard hooks can be repositioned as needed to arrange items and space them optimally. The hooks insert easily into the holes of the pegboard and are held in place by gravity. Some hooks use screws or snaps to fix them semi-permanently.



Traditional pegboard is a glue/wood-fiber mix baked to be very hard. The holes of pegboard are always spaced 1 inch apart. Thin hardwood pegboard is 1/8 inch thick with 3/16 inch diameter holes. Thick hardwood pegboard is ¼ inch thick with ¼ inch diameter holes.

I don’t recommend using thin pegboard under any circumstances.

Pegboard is often used to hold tools in a workshop, or commercially to hold merchandise for display in stores. But plastic and powder coated metal versions of pegboard allow high visual organized storage to be added to closets, pantries, and laundry rooms.

Behind doors, and in closets, pegboard can add additional storage to very small spaces. Pegboard strips made from colored plastic or powder coated metal are available in 2 foot to 4 foot lengths and 3 to 4 inches sometimes 8 inches wide.

Pegboard strips are ideal for mounting vertically behind a laundry room door to gain some extra storage space. And, for mounting inside of a closet in the shoulder spaces that often lie on either side of the closet’s door.

Plastic and metal pegboard strip are packaged for use right out of the box. They’re ready to mount without the need for spacers or special standoffs. They accept regular pegboard hooks commonly available at hardware stores.

Behind-door spaces and closet-shoulder spaces are often underutilized areas that are ideal for organized storage of small items.

One of the best ways to improve storage of small household items is to use ziplock bags as storage containers. A punched centered hole in the top of a ziplock bag allows the bag to hang on a pegboard hook. Many bags may be hung from a single hook.

Hooks vertically spaced along a pegboard strip can provide organized storage for several dozen items.

Items can be organized by color, size, or any category that you choose. Searching through a collection of bags, to find an item that you need, is as easy as flipping through bags while they are still on the hook.

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