Mold removal companies Charlotte NC

Our company specializes in mold identification and removal. Upon arriving at your home or place of business, our in-house mold inspection team will scan your home for mold and determine its cause of growth. At the time of inspection, our mold inspector will perform a series of tests to determine if mold is spreading in your home or is currently contained in the areas it has been identified. After this initial stage of testing by The Rapid Group, an independent mold testing agent will come in to determine exactly which type of mold has been identified in the home or business and prescribe a solution to remedy the problem site-wide.

Some mold types may be benign while others are extremely dangerous. Because of this fact, mold testing is an important part of any mold assessment. Dangerous types of mold must be dealt with swiftly as to prevent the spread of any of the dangerous spores in the home. Our client’s health and our employee’s safety is of the upmost priority. At the time of arrival, your mold inspection specialist will explain the testing and mold removal process to you.

Attics are a common harbor for mold. Because of their insulated properties, mold can very easily find its place on both the attic’s floor joists and sheathing. Mold in the attic will not readily be apparent to the homeowner until they sell their home in many cases.. In some cases, however, a homeowner will find items stored in the attic as moldy and trigger a further investigation from someone such as ourselves.

Drywall or other porous materials may offer a harbor for mold growth if they are wet from a flood or another type of event such as a pipe burst. Mold spores present in drywall before gaining the needed moisture for growth will allow the mold to grow once present.

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