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For individuals who are not aware, payday loans are short term financial borrowings that can be accessed very easily and with no fuss whatsoever. These loans are designed to help salaried individuals deal with their short-term financial commitments till the monthly paycheck arrives. In short, these loans help individuals deal with sudden and unexpected expenses. When compared to traditional bank loans, the approval rate for payday loans are considerably higher, as payday lenders provide small amounts as loans and which has a very short repayment period as well, usually 30 days.



Payday lending activities primarily address short term financial requirements that sprung up all of a sudden. In some cases, shortage of funds could be addressed by payday loans as well. In short, payday loan funds can be used to pay electricity bills or expenses for accidents. However, there are no specific restrictions and funds generated through payday loans can be used for any purpose or need.

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