Hotmail login I guess you have been aware of web service, the largest email with amazing features available on the web, Android, iOS and PC devices. Out of many email services, I would like to enclose the sufficient information about due to its craze from the existing users. Though we have exciting apps available for the Android and iOS market, now the trend has gone back to This article is specially dedicated to those people who are looking for information with regards to

Hotmail login

Hotmail is one of the first webmail services that are available on the web browser to all the people around the Globe. It was acquired by Microsoft after one year of its creation in 1997, for nearly $400 million which it later changed to Windows Live Hotmail. This was made available in 36 different languages in order to remove language barrier. Hotmail has gained 8.5 million subscribers by December of 1997 due to its outstanding features. Initially, it was provided 2 MB of space to save emails or messages. Later the storage space got upgraded to 25GB to help its users in saving the required data. As is a webmail service, users can access it from any web browser all over the world when they have an active internet connection and login credentials.



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