Ideas on Custom built-in wardrobe closets

modern-built-in-wardrobes-from-fci-londonEvery home needs storage space. In some homes, you’ll find that more often than not, the wardrobes might not have enough space to fit all the family’s clothes, shoes and other accessories. Or you may love many of the features of the home and not be too excited about the wardrobe design and may choose to change them to suit your needs. Whatever the reason, custom built-in wardrobes are the best option to get wardrobes of your choice.

So, what are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best custom built in wardrobes?

  • Determine your needs – knowing how many items you have and what storage size you want will help you share your specific requirements with the designer.
  • Space – factor in the amount of space you have. Speak to your tradesman on the current options already available and what more space you’re hoping to have. It might mean creating a new additional space or redesigning what’s already in place
  • Design – ask to see a design first before tearing down any boards. From there, you can discuss their types of finishes and wood available. Be sure to see samples to make the right choice. Talk to designers with experience in home interiors.
  • Materials – when considering your wardrobe material and finish, be sure to ask what materials are available and what are the advantages some have over others. Engage the builder as well, those with years of experience will be sure to advise you on ideal options in terms of durability, functionality, and cost.
  • Cost – get a cost estimate for everything to know how much the materials and labor will cost so that you have a good idea of what you’ll spend to have your custom built in wardrobes in place. You can choose to buy the materials yourself and keep them until you’re ready to call in the craftsman to come to build the wardrobe. In this case, ask for a comprehensive list to avoid going above your budget.
  • Types of shelves – some shelf options to consider are ventilated wireframes or shelves. These are affordable options and are easy and quick to install. They can be used all across the house, not only in wardrobes and are ideal for small or narrow spaces. Another advantage is that they don’t bend underweight and you are assured of your items having good ventilation.  Another option is having melamine, Formica or laminated shelves. They are quite durable and are also an affordable option.

Keep in mind the following facts when choosing custom build in wardrobes;

Interior-DesigningFunctionality and ability to access your items – figure out which areas you would want to easily access and those that are harder to reach. Also, think through how the doors open and mechanisms that allow for easy opening and closing of doors and shelves as well as those that allow for maximum accessibility.

Wardrobe style – be sure to match your wardrobe with your overall home refurbishment and renovations for room color scheme so that they complement each other. This will give your home a more stylish and refine appearance.