Types of Web Hosting

Shared Web hosting

        In Shared Web Hosting, multiple websites sharing the space in single server. It is the cheapest web hosting service among all other web hosting services. It is generally suitable for a small business without much traffic. If any problem exists the service provider will take care of that.  The same IP address is sharing with multiple websites so if any of these neighbor sites is spam site it will affects your site also. The major disadvantage in shared web hosting is that, when the traffic to your website gets increased it reduces the performance of the website. There is no better performance in shared web hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Cloud hosting

           In dedicated hosting, clients have the overall control of the server and it is not shared with anyone. It is very much flexible than the shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is suitable for the websites with high traffic. All the resources of the server are dedicated to one client alone. More reliability and better performance when compared to shared hosting.

Cloud Web Hosting

 Cloud Hosting uses the resources of several servers. So your website uses virtual resources of several server to accommodate all the aspects of your hosting site. Customers utilizing cloud platform will benefit from the multiple severs because they will receive unlimited storage, maximum bandwidth. It is more effective than any other hosting. Suppose, your website drives more traffic it will not affect the websites uptime. Because Cloud Web Hosting has the capable to handle it. Here, the customers can pay for what they use. If your website is in shared hosting and the resources are not sufficient for your site you can move to Cloud Hosting. You may choose dedicated web hosting but in dedicated hosting you should be strong in technical part because you need to maintain your whole server. So it’s better to choose Cloud Web Hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting

In Reseller Hosting, the web hosting provider allows their services to be sold by an individual or third party organization. In this one or more organizations lease out web space that is packaged, re-branded and sold under their brand name. The provider will handle everything like Server Hardware, Connectivity, Network Infrastructure, Hardware Setup, Security and Maintenance.


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